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What is a Moment?

A Moment is a digital collectible that carries data about its current owner and its past owners. This data is protected by blockchain technology and cannot be modified, which makes it easy to verify that a Moment is authentic and legitimately passed from one owner to another.

Each Moment also comes with an animated clip in which you can see the:
Scene animation
Main character of the scene
Moment Title
Season & Episode Number the scene is from

Additional information included with each Moment is:
A unique Serial Number Learn more about Serial Numbers here.
Its Edition type (Limited Edition or Open Edition) Learn more about Edition types here.
Its Tier information Learn more about Tiers here.
A description of the scene
A quote from the scene
A full list of characters that appear in the scene
Further episode information includes:
The timestamps of the scene
Episode Title
Episode Staff

Updated on: 01/05/2022

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