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What are the service fees?

When conducting transactions, you may be charged certain service fees. The fees are subject to change at our discretion - but will always be clearly stated before a transaction is confirmed. Currently, you can expect to pay fees as follows:

- when you purchase packs of Moments or individual Moments using your credit card or debit card, you will be charged 5% of the purchase price plus a flat fee of $0.30; and
- when you sell Moments on the marketplace, you will be charged a Marketplace fee of 5% of the sale price.

As an example, the current credit card fee for purchasing individual Moments is 5% plus $0.30. So, if you purchase an individual Moment priced at $10.00 using a credit card, you would pay an additional fee of $0.80 for a total net purchase fee of $10.80. If you want to avoid this fee, consider using your Anique Balance instead.

Updated on: 27/04/2022

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