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About the Identity Check

What is the Identity Check?

We have partnered with a number of regulated financial entities, including Circle Internet Financial, Inc., to provide safe and legally compliant financial transactions. To provide such transactions, we are required to collect information to verify the identity of our users. The information will be collected through your Anique account.

Accepted forms of identification include valid government-issued identification that is unexpired. The specific type of identification will depend on the region in which you are resident. So, if you are in the United Kingdom or Japan, the type of identification may include your passport.

When do I have to do an Identity Check?

You can do an Identity Check at any time by going to Settings > Identity Check.

An Identity Check will be mandatory if any of the following are applicable to you:

- If the total amount of your pack purchases and Marketplace purchases (including fees) add up to more than $2,000 (this amount is subject to change without notice).
- If you want to list Moments on the Marketplace.
- If it has been more than 365 days since your last Identity Check. We will send you a notification in advance to let you know about this.
- If you want to transfer funds from your Anique Balance to your external bank account or wallet.

Please note that when your Identity Check is being processed, you will not be able to purchase packs/Moments or sell Moments on the Marketplace. Other users also will not be able to complete their purchases of your Moments.

What is needed for the Identity Check process?

You will need a non-expired government-issued form of identification.
We accept the following forms of ID:

For non-US residents:
-Passport (page with photo)

For US residents:
SSN, and:
-Passport (page with photo), or
-Driver’s License (both sides), or
-State ID (both sides)

Why is SSN needed?

According to US regulations, "covered financial institutions must identify each beneficial owner by obtaining their name, date of birth, address, and identifying number (such as a social security number or other identifying number permissible under the CIP rule), and verify their identities." (source)

NFTs are highly susceptible to money laundering, so we have been asked to follow the same regulations as financial institutions in order to keep our platform safe.

The information you fill in through our Identity Check form will be encrypted and sent to the appropriate official agencies to check for authenticity. AoTL will not use your information for any other reason, and your information will not be held on our servers at any point.

About the Identity Check process

There are 3 steps in the Identity Check process.

You will need to enter the address of your permanent residence.
You will need to upload your government-issued ID.
You will need to take a selfie.

After you finish this process, you should receive an email notifying you if you passed or failed the Identity Check. Typically, this email will come in a few minutes, but sometimes it may take up to a few days. You can also confirm the status of your Identity Check by going to Settings > Identity Check.

How is personal information secured as part of the Identity Check?

We are strongly committed to the security of any information that you provide as part of the Identity Check. As a result, all information will be subject to strict compliance with the privacy policy (add hyperlink) and will be encrypted and securely stored. All documentation must be submitted through a secure channel through your account and cannot be mailed directly to us for the purposes of the Identity Check.

Why did I fail my Identity Check?

Here are some common reasons why Identity Checks fail:

- Your government ID is expired
- Your government ID is damaged (for example: it’s bent, folded, ripped, or heavily scratched)
- Part of the ID is covered
- The information on your government ID is incorrect / not up to date
- The photo is dark or unclear
- There is glare in the photo

Some suggestions for common issues with the Identity Check:

- Please make sure that you submit a clear, glare-free photo of your ID.
- If you are holding your ID, please make sure that your finger is not blocking any information on your ID, or take a picture of your ID on a flat surface instead.
- Please make sure that both the ID and the camera are not moving when you take the photo.
- If you are having issues with taking a picture using a camera, you can try using a scanner to scan your ID instead. We accept scanned images of your ID as long as it is clear.
- Please make sure you take your selfie in a well-lit area.

If none of the above suggestions help, please contact

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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