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About Serial Numbers, Edition Sizes, and Edition types

The Edition Size is the total number of a series of Moments that was ever released.

💡 For example, if the Edition Size of a particular Moment is 100, that means only 100 Moments of that series were ever released.

Each Moment is assigned a unique serial number upon creation, starting from the number 1. This serial number is called the Edition Number.

💡 For example, if you have a Moment with Edition Number 7 of 100, that means you have the 7th Moment created in a series of Moments with an Edition Size of 100.

Finally, we have Edition types. There are two types of Editions: Limited Edition (LE) and Open Edition (OE).

LE Moments means that no Moments of that series will ever be released again.

💡 For example, if you have an LE Moment with an Edition Size of 100, that means the current 100 Moments in circulation are the only ones of that series that will ever be released.

The only way you can get more LE Moments is by buying them on the Marketplace.
Learn more about the Marketplace here.

Conversely, OE means that the number of Moments in circulation can change.

💡 For example, if you have an OE Moment with an Edition Size of 100, that means it's possible that more of that series of Moments could be released, and the Edition Size may increase to 200 or 300 or more.

As we release more Moments, the Edition type of some Moments may change from OE to LE.

Common Tier Moments tend to be OE, whereas Rare, Legendary and Special Tier Moments are always LE.
Learn more about Tiers here.

Updated on: 01/05/2022

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